Extracting Heat from the Air

Air Heat Pumps are so called because that's what they do. They suck in air from their surroundings, extract heat from it, convert the extracted heat into a higher temperature, then pump the heat into your property.

They operate similar to a fridge but in reverse. Instead of extracting heat from the inside and pumping it out, they extract heat from the outside and pump it in.

Air Heat Pump

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

As heat pumps use the freely available air as their heat source, this makes them very environmentally friendly, and there is no pollution or waste being pumped out. Some systems are so efficient that they can even extract heat when the outside temperatures are as -25°C, which is extremely cold indeed and far lower than anything we ever experience in Britain.

Although heat pumps are not 100% green as they require electricity to actually operate the system, for every 1Kw of electricity consumed they produce at least 3Kw of heating energy. This makes them at least 3 times more efficient than alternative heating systems which rely 100% on fossil fuels like electricity, gas or oil.

No Supply, Demand or Storage Problems

Unlike all other forms of heat...
  • There is never a shortage of air
  • It never runs out
  • It is always available 24/7
  • It is not imported from another country
  • It is not delivered by some form of transport
  • You don't need extra space for storage facilities
  • You don't need to order supplies in advance of use
  • .
As long as you have a working electricity supply, either mains or by generator, you will always have a fully working energy and heating source, no matter what the weather or other external problems or issues.

Government Renewable Heat Incentives

The UK Government wishes to encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly & renewable alternatives to the traditional heating facilities using fossil fuels like gas and oil.

To provide an incentive to do so, they have introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive - RHI - which pays approved home and business owners a fee for every 1Kw of energy they generate using a qualifying eco-friendly system like Air Heat Pumps.

For more information, please visit our special RHI page.


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